ICAN – Delta 8 Information Video (Part 1)

Indiana Collegiate Action Network (ICAN) brings you the first in a series of videos on Delta-8. In this training series we will look at what it is and how it is consumed, if it is legal in Indiana, and what is the potential impact on health and mental health.

Coalition and Task Forces – How to Build and Sustain Them

Did you know that coalitions have life cycles? How do you build and sustain coalitions? This webinar will lead you through the life stages, tips for building and sustaining a coalition, and how to transition when the coalition has reached an end.

Suicide Prevention 101 – It Is Everybody’s Business 

Through this recorded training, you will learn about the prevalence and magnitude of suicide attempts and deaths, the warning signs related to someone at risk of suicide, and how to help someone at risk stay safe from suicide.

  • Changing America’s Soul on Suicide – A mental health crisis of suicide has been made worse by COVID-19. In this recorded webinar, nationally renowned author and speaker Silouan Green explains how a community response to change people’s attitudes on suicide is needed now more than ever.
  • Suicide Prevention in First Responders – During this recorded webinar, featuring Captain Brandon Dreiman, JD, EMS-P, CHW/CRS-SA of the Indianapolis Fire Department and Sergeant Angela Ellison of the Fishers Police Department, you will learn about suicide prevention efforts and the impact of secondary trauma within First Responder Communities.
  • Exploring the Role of Culture in Suicide Prevention – In this webinar, our panel of experts from sectors including public health, the media, healthcare, and others help us explore the importance of cultural understanding and the intersection of social justice with suicide prevention.